Data Availability

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The Data availability infobox category shows the amount and quality of information that is publicly available about the device or technology in question. It may so happen that a device is seen as positive but a reader should be wary of the information availability is limited, i.e. the positive description stems from only one review. This category is differentiated in a four-item scale:

  • None - Only the name or a rumour is known about the device or technology. It does not have an official on-line or other publicly accessible presentation. It's creators, developers, manufacturers or distributors refuse to speak about it publicly.
  • Limited - The information about the device are limited to it's name, announcement date, web page, pictures. No other technical data are given. No third-party reviews is available.
  • Good - Additionally to the information above, in-depth technical details (resolution, sensors) are available as well. Other, non-technical aspects, such as price and the date of release (even if only planned) are included too. Reviews about the device or technology are available.
  • Robust - Apart from the data sufficient for the Limited and Good categories, the device is also researched. The research is peer-reviewed and publicly accessible.