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MOTA SmartGlass
Mota 1.png
Category smartglasses
Developer MOTA
Announced September 2014 [1]
Released Developers:
Price 400 USD [1]
Operating system custom (java-based) [1]
Display unknown
Resolution unknown
Field of view
Weight g (unknown)


Data available limited
Risk factor low
Not Standalone

MOTA SmartGlass are multi-purpose smart glasses being developed by a Californian company MOTA. The device aims to offer a broad variety of functions such as voice control or media recording. The available information about the device is severely limited.

It appears that the company abandoned the project as there is no mention of the development on the official website as of January 2016. It is not clear when the company decided to remove the SmartGlass from their portfolio but the official website[2] for the device is reachable through a specific search query. (note: include a screenshot of the website)

Main characteristics

The amount of information about the device is lacking and so the amount of technical details is also very limited. MOTA advertises that the smart glasses feature "cutting-edge technology"[2] and 720p camera. The control options feature voice and remote control. Other features are probably available as well, although MOTA does not specify them on their website.


MOTA SmartGlass is a multi-purpose smart glasses device "with a wide array of functions including voice dial, data record, remote control camera and more".

Company & People

MOTA has headquarters in Californian San Jose but it also has subsidiaries in China and Hong Kong. It was founded in 2003. Mota develops and manufactures on advanced consumer electronics.

Michael Faro - President and Chief Executive Officer

Important Dates

September 2014 - MOTA announces the development of MOTA SmartGlass[1]

Ethical & Health Issues

There are no ethical nor health issues relevant to this specific device.

For more general issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.


Public & Media Impact and Presentation (ref as name="digitaltrends")

Public Policy

There is no public policy that considers this device specifically.

For more information about policies related to smartglasses, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.

Related Technologies, Project or Scientific Research

There are no related projects or research relevant to this device specifically.

For more information about this type of devices, please see the Smartglasses synopsis.


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