Nymi band

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Nymi band
Nymi 01.jpg
Category Limb-mounted
Developer Nymi, Inc. [1]
Announced December 2014 [2]
Released Developers: December 2014 [3]
Consumers: (unreleased)
Price 150 USD (developer kit)[4]
Operating system none

ECG [5]

Weight g (not indicated)


Data available good
Risk factor low

Nymi band is a wearable multi-factor authenticator in the form of a wrist-band that uses the user's heartbeat to uniquely identify them.[6]

Main characteristics

Nymi is a electronic wrist band with a ARM Cortex M4 embedded processor, Bluetooth, NFC, and an ECG sensor. The band is a biometric identifier that uniquely authenticates the user by processing his his or her heart-rate. The band itself also act as a continuity circuit and the device's authentication feature will work only when the circuit is completed and the band fastened on the hand. The device communicates with the surroundings via a Bluetooth Low Energy or via a NFC antennas.

The state of the device is communicate by 5 LED lights on the side of the device. Information can also be conveyed by a vibration motor. And Nymi band also features an accelerometer and gyroscope so the user can use gestures to control the device.

The chassis is made out of Ethylene oxide sterilized plastic (ISO 10993-7:2008) and is water-resistant (IPX7, water splashes and up to 30 minutes of submersion in 1 m deep water).[7]


Nymi band is a authentication device used in places where security is demanded. It uses the user's heartbeat as a unique identifier of their person and communicates with other devices via Bluetooth or NFC.

Company & People

The device is developed by Canadian company Nymi, Inc. based in Toronto. The company spun-off from a research on unique qualities of a human ECG and was originally founded under the name Bionym in 2011. It expanded the idea of a dedicated hardware authenticator in December 2014 and changed name to Nymi, Inc.[1]

Important Dates

  • 2011 - The company is created under the name Bionym.
  • December 2014 - The company expands it's development and changes name to Nymi, Inc.
  • 15 December 2014 - Nymi, Inc. begins shipping of the Developer Kit edition of the device.


Enhancement - the Nymi band uniquely authenticates the user and allows him to securely use devices, systems and services. These may be for example logging into an computer, opening secured area, or authenticating a bank transfer.

Ethical & Health Issues

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

Public Policy

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