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This knowledge base is built upon the following taxonomy of HCE technologies which we based upon the taxonomy Bostrom and Sandberg (2006) use in their work.

We start in the middle from the External Hardware or Software category and work our way through the structure bottom-up. In other words, we will first describe the individual technologies and then comment on the entire meta-category after we feel that we sufficiently described its individual entries.

You can learn about why we have chosen to create the structure like this on the Wiki Structure meta page.

  • Internal Hardware
    • Genetic Modifications
    • Brain-Computer Interface
    • Nutrition
    • Smart Drugs
  • Internal Software
    • Education
    • Mental Training
  • New Senses or Reflexes
    • Ultrasound sensing
    • Magnetic field sensing


  • SANDBERG, Anders; BOSTROM, Nick. Cognitive enhancement: a review of technology. 2006.