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TruTone kit

TruTone and TruTone Plus are electrolarynx devices manufactured by an American speech aid electronics company Griffin Laboratories, Inc. These devices are speech technologies aimed towards patients after total laryngectomy who lost their natural ability to produce voice.[1]

Main characteristics

TruTone electrolarynx

The company offers two TruTone products:

TruTone Plus electrolarynx

TruTone is a "light weight and small size" (the device weights approximately 128 grams) electrolarynx that features a on/off button with pressure sensitivity that allows the user to control the pitch of the produced sound with only one thumb on the device. It also features a thumb wheel to control the volume. The manufacturer advertises that the device has the widest tonal range available in comparison to competing devices. It is equipped with one 9 V battery but it is not clear whether the included battery is rechargeable.[1] The manufacturer offers 5 years warranty within the United States. The device costs 600 USD.[2]

TruTone Plus is in all aspects identical with the device above. But it additionally features a USB port through which the device's battery can be charged.[3] The device costs 749 USD.[3]


The TruTone series of devices is directed towards laryngectomees that have lost their ability to produce speech. The usage of an electrolarynx allows them to communicate in a quick and natural manner without resorting to other means such as pen and paper.

Company & People

The device is manufactured by an American company Griffin Laboratories, Inc. The company is based in Temecula, California.[4][5]

Important Dates

1995 - Griffin Laboraries, Inc. established.[6]

The company does not inform about any other important dates that are relevant to this particular device.


Treatment - TruTone and TruTone Plus are devices that replace the speech producing functions of a larynx. Electrolarynxes are meant to return the ability to communicate by voice for laryngectomy patients.

Ethical & Health Issues

There are no ethical or health issues connected to this particular device.

For more general issues connected with smartglasses, please see the Electrolarynx synopsis.

Public & Media Impact and Presentation

There are a number of testimonials[7] and reviews[8] available on the official website as well as a few user reviews on Amazon.[9]

All user opinions commend the sturdiness of the device. One user report that the device remained working after ha accidentally dropped it into a toilet[10], or another customer that reported running it over by his car.[11] Other users praise the user-friendliness of the device,[12], quality of the produced sound,[13], and additional service provided by the company.[14]

Public Policy

The company does not appear to be listed in the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration medical devices catalogue.

Related Technologies, Projects or Scientific Research

The official website mentions a self-published research by the speech pathologist Brian Shute, Ph.D. In the article, the author compares the reactions of laryngectomees to different brand of electrolarynxes. TruTone was selected as the second most reliable and user-friendly device, right after Servona's Servox.[15]

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